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Troy Polamalu

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Q: Who is number 43 on the Pittsburgh Steelers right now?
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What nicknames do the Pittsburgh Steelers have right now for their team?

Currently, the Steelers do not have a nickname.

Which player wears number 2 for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Dennis Dixon formerly wore number 2. In 2010 he switched to number 10. As of right now nobody wears number 2 for the Steelers, but that will likely change once camp starts.

What song did the Pittsburgh Steelers come out of tunnel to in Super Bowl 45?

"Right Here, Right Now" by Fatboy Slim

Who do the Pittsburgh Steelers have a rivalry with?

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns But now the steeler's biggest rivalry is The Pittsburgh Steelers vs The Baltimore Ravens The Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles are some what of rivals because both teams are in Pennsylvania.

Who wore number 20 for the Pittsburgh Steelers with the initials K L?

In 2009, cornerback Keenan Lewis wore #20 for the Steelers. He now wears #23.

Where is Matt Bahr of the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Matt is now a design engineer in Pittsburgh, PA.

Are the Pittsburgh Steelers from the AFC?

Yes. The Pittsburgh Steelers were an AFC Central team from 1970-2001. They now play in the AFC North (2002-present).

What is the Pittsburgh Steelers stadium now called?

The Steelers have been playing at Heinz Field since 2001.

Who is 36 on the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Jerome Bettis but is now since retired.

What was the color of the Pittsburgh Steelers first helmet?

Yellow, but now they are black.

Will the Pittsburgh Steelers win the Super Bowl this year?

As of right now, nobody can answer that question. The season will begin in September.

What was the song when the Pittsburgh Steelers came out of the tunnel in Super Bowl 43 it was like a pump up song?

Fat boy slim - right here, right now

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