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Currently, there is no player who wears #21 for the Seattle Seahawks.

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Q: Who is number 21 on the Seattle Seahawks football team?
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What American football team plays in the city of seattle?

The Seattle Seahawks

Does Washington have a football team?

Yes they do the Seattle Seahawks

Who is number 44 on the Seattle Seahawks football team?

Running Back Spencer Ware wears 44 for Seattle.

What kind of sport does the Seattle Seahawks play?

The Seattle Seahawks play American football. They play in the National Football League (NFL) in the United States. The Seattle Seahawks have been a football team since 1976.

What football team is named after ocean birds?

Seattle Seahawks

What is Taylor lautner's favorite football team?

Seattle Seahawks

What football team has nickname marine bird?

Seattle Seahawks

How long has the Seattle Seahawks team been a football team?

Since 1976.

What is the National Football League team in Washington state?

Seattle Seahawks are a football team in the National Football League.

Name the only team from the Pacific Northwest?

The only team from the Pacific Northwest on the National Football League is the Seattle Seahawks. The Seattle Seahawks won the Superbowl for the 2013 football season.

Who was Seattle's football team named after?

I have heard that the Seattle Seahawks had been named after the actual seahawk. The Seahawks are the ONLY National Football League team in the entire nation to have a live mascot!

Who is the starting quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks NFL football team?

Presently it is Matt Hasselback.

What NFL football team is farthest north in the US?

The Seattle Seahawks with the Vikinks in second

Are the Seahawks in the NFC or AFC?

The Seattle Seahawks are an American Football team in the National Football League based in Seattle, Washington. They are currently members of the Western Division of the National Football Conference (NFC), and joined the NFL in 1976.

What does LOB stand for in a NFL football team?

It's from the Seattle Seahawks. It stands for the Legion of Boom.

What football team was Bill bosworth on?

The football team that Bill Bosworth played on was the Louisville Cardinals. Brian Bosworth played professional football for the Seattle Seahawks.

What NFL team retired the number 12 for the fans the 12th man?

The Seattle Seahawks

Best NFL team?

Seattle Seahawks

Who is the team doctor for the Seattle Seahawks?


What team did Jerry Rice retire with?

The Seattle Seahawks.

Who is the Washington state NFL team?

The Seattle Seahawks

What team does Seattle Seahawks play next?


What nfl team is in Washington state?

The Seattle Seahawks.

What city are the NFL team called the Seahawks from?


What NFL team flies transcontinental?

seattle seahawks