Who is not a defender in soccer?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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There are four basic positions in soccer. Some of these are divided into left, wing, middle, and so on. but the four basic positions are:

1. Goalie/Goalkeeper

2. Defender

3. Midfielder

4. Forward/Striker.

Category 1 speaks for itself--the goalie tries to keep the ball from entering the net. Category 2 is the defender, who tries to keep the ball from getting close to the goal in the first place. The midfielder runs up and down the field, playing as both defender and forward. The only job that the forward has to do is score, score, score, and as much as possible.

Each team has its own division of players: There are always 11, including keeper, but, for example, the German 2010 team had only 1 striker, and the rest of the team were mid and defense. The Argentinian 2010 had 3-5 strikers, and the rest were mid and defense.

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Q: Who is not a defender in soccer?
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