Who is nani?

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Q: Who is nani?
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When was Nani Nani created?

Nani Nani was created in 1995-10.

What is the birth name of Nani Velez?

Nani Velez's birth name is Nani Velez.

What is the real name of nani?


What is nani in hawaiian?

nani = beautiful

What is the theme of prowess of aliguyon?


What does Nani mean in Hebrew?

Nani has no meaning in Hebrew.

What is the meaning of nani in Japanese?

In japanese, nani means what.

What is the birth name of Olga Nani?

Olga Nani's birth name is Olga Leticia Nani.

What is the birth name of Nani Lehnhausen?

Nani Lehnhausen's birth name is Nani Daphne Lehnhausen.

What is nani trap?

where we use nani trap

What number does nani where for man utd?


What age is nani on Manchester united?

Nani is 24

What is the name of Nani father?

nani fater name

How do you spell nannie in Welsh?


What religion is Luis Nani?

As Luis Nani is from Portugal , which is a catholic country.

Who is the biological father of nani?

MICHAEL JACKSON is the real father of nani

What has the author Attilio Nani written?

Attilio Nani has written: 'Attilio Nani scultore sbalzatore, 1901-1959'

How tall is Luis Nani?

Nani is 5'9 (175 cm).

What nationality is Man Utd ace Nani?

Nani is Portugeuse.

Why does nani have the name nani?

never mined why...... but gud quetion

What is Nani's birthday?

Nani was born on November 17, 1986.

Who is the father NANI the Manchester united player?

Nani's dad

What does Nani Loa mean?

what does the phrase "Nani Loa" mean

When was Gianluca Nani born?

Gianluca Nani was born in 1962.

What is the population of Nani Aral?

The population of Nani Aral is 500.