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Tezuka Kunimitsu.

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Q: Who is more stronger fuji syuusuke or tesuka kunumitsu prince of tennis?
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Why did prince of tennis get canceled?

Prince of Tennis was completed in Japan but Toonami, the American provider of Prince of Tennis, ended its Cartoon Network slot in 2008 and therefore Prince of Tennis is no longer least in America.

What are good tennis mangas?

Prince of Tennis!

Are there any movies like prince of tennis?

There are several Prince of Tennis movies and OVA's.

Do JJB sell Prince tennis bags?

no. JJB do not sell prince tennis bags

What is the name of prince of tennis anime?

It's usually called The Prince of Tennis, but in Japanese it's referred to as Tennis no Oji Sama or TeniPuri.

Prince of tennis live action movie 2?

There is no second live action movie for Prince of Tennis

What is the best Character in anime?

It has to be Ryoma in Prince of Tennis. Without prince of tennis, there wouldn't be naruto or dragonballz.

Is prince of tennis a romantic anime?

no, there's no romance in prince of tennis at all. it's a sport anime/manga.

Prince of tennis ova episode 16?

Okay I will give you a more useful link to watch your favorite anime Prince of tennis Look at this link:

How many total episodes are there in prince of tennis?

There are a total of 178 episodes to the anime series "Prince of Tennis" with 4 sequels .

What tennis ball is used at the US Open tennis tournament?


What does Prince 4 on a tennis ball mean?

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