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Q: Who is more famous Michael Jordan or david beckham?
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Is Micheal Jordan richer than david beckham?

Is David Beckham richer than Michael Jordan

Who is more popular around the world david beckham or Michael Jordan?


Which number shirt has been worn by both Michael Jordan and David Beckham?

When David Beckham joined Real Madrid, he chose the number 23 shirt because of his admiration for Michael Jordan.

Who are the famous players that wear number 23?

David Beckham Michael Jordan LeBron James (used to) Blake Griffin (in college)

Michael Jordan and David Beckham share which number T-Shirt?


Is David Beckham famous?

Yes David Beckham is a famous English Football Celebrity.

Who is more famous The Beatles or David Beckham?

Probably david Beckham

Is David beckham disabled?

No David Beckham is a famous soccer player

Who is more famous David Beckham or Garfield?


Who is more famous Queen Elizabeth II or David Beckham?

david beckham

Who is more famous David Beckham or Dolly Parton?

I believe david beckham

Would more people in the world be able to recognize Michael Jordan or David Beckham from a picture of the two in normal day clothing?

Probably David Beckham since he seems to more talked about these days

Who is the most famous Christian NBA player?

David Robinson or Michael Jordan

Why is David Beckham famous?

David Robert Joseph Beckham is famous because, he is a really good soccer player!

Who is more famous John Lennon or David Beckham?

David Beckham is more famous than John Lennon.

What was David Beckham famous for?

he is famous for the sharpie commercial

Why did David Beckham change his shirt number to 23?

AnwserThe reason why David Beckham changed his number is because in his early years of soccer his favorite NBA player was Michael Jordan. Michael's number was 23. Thus David changed it. Also when he plays for Milan his number is 80. ( Ronandihno No. 80) Beckham chose to wear number 23

Who is more famous lady gaga or david beckham?


List of top 10 richest sports men?

David Beckham Tiger Woods Roger Federer Michael Jordan Sachin Tendulkar

What year did David Beckham get famous?


A famous athlete in soccer?

David Beckham

Who are famous immigrants from England?

David Beckham

What famous dodgeball players are there?

david beckham

What is David Beckham famous for?

He's famous for being a footballer.

Who earns more money David Beckham or Jordan?

Jordan made 200 million a year with endorsements Beckham made 143million a year with no endorsemetns