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Who da you think? Justin beiber is a pop sensation and tiger woods is some Golf player. No offense though, Tiger Woods is awesome, but he's more well known to adults and Justin Bieber is more well known to kids

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Q: Who is more famous Justin Bieber or Tiger Woods?
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Bridget woods use to live in Canada when she was little and she use to be Justin Bieber friend.after Bridget woods moved to Beverly hills and she had contact Justin bieber and she figured out he was gay.

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How about Tiger Woods Tiger Woods

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Bridget Woods is Justin bieber current girlfrind 2010

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Is Justin Bieber going to tansly Woods on Friday?

not with u

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Justin Timberlake's favorite athlete is Tiger Woods.

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Tiger Woods

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Tiger Woods

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Justin Bieber current girlfriend is Bridget Woods from Beverly Hills?