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Brendon McCullum

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mike hussey

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Q: Who is made first IPL century?
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Which Indian player made a first century in IPL?

Manish Pandey

Who made 1st century in IPL 2012?


Did manish pandey score a hundred in ipl?

yes manish pandey was the first indian to score a century in the ipl

Who scored first century in Pepsi IPL?

Brendom McCullum scored first century in pepsi IPL.He was 158 not out.

Who was the first Indian batsman to score a century in ipl?

suresh raina

Who is the only Indian batsman to score a century in first IPL season?


Who was the first player to score a century for the Kings XI in IPL 2008?

Shaun Marsh

Who made the first century in IPL 2012?

Chris Gayle of West Indies scored the first ever century in T-20 against South Africa in 2007; the first T-20 World Cup.

Who is the first Indian make century in ipl?

AB De villiers I feel that is Manish Pandey 114 * (73) OF bANGALORE SCORED THE 1ST CENTURY OF ipl

Why IPl teams were made?

IPL teams are made to keep the matches of that teams.

Who scored century in his IPL debut?

Brendon McCullum

Has Sachin Tendulkar scored an IPL century?