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Q: Who is lita dating?
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Related questions

Are edge and lita still dating?

Yes they are still dating Edge Wife devored him and Matt broke up with Lita and Lita found Edge and they started dating i still like Lita no matter what

Are CM Punk and Lita dating?

no they are not dating cm punk is my dad and he's not married to lita

Can a guy have a lita?

Lita is currently dating CM PUnk

Is cm punk dating lita or not?

As of now - No. Punk and Lita are currently not dating. Punk was dating Lita during 2009 and the couple had a lengthy relationship but recently it was made known that the couple isn't dating anymore. As of now Punk is Single.

Does lita and Matt hardy have kids?

Matt and Lita do not have kids nor are they still dating.

Was Kane and lita dating?


Who is cm punk dating in 2012?

He is dating Lita again

Who is WWE edge dating?


Did lita and Matt get married?

No they have never been married. Lita is currently dating CM Punk

Is matt and lita married?

No they are not not nor or they dating

Who is lita dating now?

Former WWE wrestler Lita isn't currently dating anyone. She previously dated wrestlers Matt Hardy, Shane Morton, Edge and CM Punk.

Was Edge married or dating some one when he was dating Lita?

No because that was happening in real life and that's why Matt Hardy broke up with Lita cuz she was cheating on him in real life.

Is lita Married?

no but shes currenly dating Matt hardy

Is lita a lesbian?

no she is dating cm punk in real life

What is cm punks girlfriends name?

he is back dating Lita

Was Lita and Matt Hardy dating?

as far as i know of yes

Is cm punk seeing anybody or is he single?

He was dating Maria, but he is currently single.(9/19/08) I heard that him and Lita are datingHe's dating Amy Dumas/ Lita for over a year

Was lita really edge's girlfriend?

yes but not anymore.lita left Matt for edge but parted after lita left the wwe. edge is now dating another women and lita is married now.

Who is WWE lita married to?

She has been married to Kane but it was a storyline. There Are rumors that Lita is Dating Phil Brooks aka Cm Punk

Why did Edge and Lita break?

lita was cheating on edge because she was dating M.HardySeptember 12, 2008Actually you have that backwards Lita cheated on Matt with Edge, Matt and Lita had been together for 6 years before her and Edge hooked up. Currently none of them are dating.

Is lita married to cm punk?

No, Amy Dumas AKA Lita And Phil Brooks AKA Cm Punk Are Not Dating Nor Are They Married.

Is Katie lea burchill dating edge?

no he is still married to lita

Who did lita marry?

well that's reallly complicated because Matt hardy asked lita to marry him but then him and Kane wrestled for her heart and Kane won but the baby lita was impregnated with was kanes but she wasnt positive whos it was . after 1 and a half year edge and lita started dating so Kane and lita got a divorce and 3 weeks later lita married edge

Is edge and lita dating?

No they broke up that is why edge married Vicky Guerrero

Did lita quit?

yes because she was tired of being hated from dating edge