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zakki of wigan

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Q: Who is leading goal scorer now in English leagues football this season?
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Who is the scottis premier leagues all time leading goal scorer?

kris boyd

Who is the leading NCAA football scorer?

Ohio State

Who is Argentina leading goal scorer in football?

It is Gabriel Batistuta.

Who was the top goal scorer when football began?

At the point when football began, until anyone scored a goal, nobody was the leading goal-scorer.

Who is Manchester citys leading goal scorer of all time in English football history?

Eric Brook with 177 goals from 1928-1940.

Who is the leading goal scorer for Chelsea football club?

bobby tambling

Who is the all time leading scorer in University of Alabama football?

Lane Tiffin

Who is leading goal scorer in football world cup10?

It is david Villa with 5 goals.

Who was the leading scorer in 1943 english premier league?

There was no such thing as the Premier League back in 1943, the top-level competition running in the 1942-43 season was the Football League North and South, created to ensure continuation of football through the Second World War.

Who is the football top English scorer in all competitions?

It is Alan Shearer.

Who was the leading goal scorer in the English premier league last year?


Who is the leading goal scorer in the football world cup?

Ronaldo from Brazil with fifteen.