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If you mean WWE diva Kelly Kelly, she was at some in 09 RUMORED to be dating Jeremy Piven.

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Q: Who is kelly sotherton's boyfriend?
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How old is wwes kelly kelly boyfriend?

* She doesn't have a boyfriend?

Who is Kelly Holmes boyfriend?

Dame Kelly Holmes does not have a boyfriend. She is a lesbian.

Is kelly kelly with someone?

Yes Kelly has a boyfriend

Does kelly clarkston have a boyfriend?

No. She does not have a boyfriend.

Is cm punk kelly kelly boyfriend?

no Lita is Cm punk's Boyfriend.

Who is kelly kelly's boyfriend?

Adam Marr.

Who is kelly kelly's boyfriend in the WWE?


Is John cene kelly kelly boyfriend?


Does kelly kelly in WWE have a boyfriend?

Unfortunately... YES!

Who is kelly kelly boyfriend?

Yes.. Justin Gabriel

Who's Kelly Kelly's Boyfriend?

Jeffrey Diestro

Who is the boyfriend of kelly kelly?

She is dating a hockey player

Does kelly clarkson have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

A boyfriend (she is straight.)

Who is Clinton Kelly's boyfriend?


Does kelly kelly have a boyfriend or a girlfriend?

Yes its malik hammond

Is Kelly Kelly's boyfriend in the army?

He's Dead (Test)

Does kelly clarkson have a boyfriend now?

No she does not.

What is kelly's boyfriend's name?


Kelly can i talk to you?

kelly who would you for a boyfriend Jeff hardy or the miz

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a tranny bbz :3

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I think its Justin Gabriel from The Corre

Does WWE kelly kelly have a boyfriend?

In 2014, Kelly Kelly got engaged to hockey player Sheldon Souray.

Does WWE diva kelly kelly have a boyfriend?

Diva Kelly Kelly is currently dating Nexus member Justin Gabriel

What is kelly kelly's boyfriend's real name?

Wwe superstar justin gabriel