Who is jaka?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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Jaka alla shak zah, is a former footballer for real dust madrid dust football club. He was the top scorer for the disorganised and foul club, scoring 3 goal throughout the season using a stick to wack the ball in. "Jaka" as he is known to his fans was famous for his special move called "dust rain", he would shield the ball from the defender, throw dust in their eyes and wack a stick into their face and jump over them, all in one motion. He is known in Brazil as Dustinho, refering for his dusty skill moves. Dustinho Jaka's most famous goal came when he was playing against FC Bayern Poo Sport, He threw dust at the ball so that it was more slippery, whilst smashing a branch up Arjen Robbens bottom, then spitting in his face whilst hitting him up the nose with a widgidee grub, all in one graceful motion. He then entered the penalty box, threw dust all around him so that no one could see him. Dustinh Jaka then poo'd in the keepers face, wacking the ball with a stick into the back of the net, the ball popped and ended up deflated, nevertheless, Jaka scored his wonder goal, whilst killing Robben and giving aids to the keeper. Jaka or Dustinho is the only player in the world to play for every club in the world whilst using his dusty tricks

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Q: Who is jaka?
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