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As they both play in completely different positions its difficult to actually tag either a the best. However, it is considered across the Rugby world that both in their roles are exceptional players McCaw being voded the players player of the year yet again

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Q: Who is is a better rugby player Richie Mccaw or Dan Carter?
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Who is the best rugby player in New Zealand All Backs?

Richie McCaw or Dan Carter or Hosea gear

Is dan carter captain of the all blacks?

No. Richie McCaw is the captain

Is rugby player Richie mccaw a dad?


What is the birth name of Richie McCaw?

Richie McCaw's birth name is Richard Hugh Mccaw.

What nicknames does Richie McCaw go by?

Richie Benaud goes by The voice of cricket.

What is Richie McCaw's birthday?

Richie McCaw was born on December 31, 1980.

When was Richie McCaw born?

Richie McCaw was born on December 31, 1980.

Is Richie mccaw and Daniel carter best friends?

yes they maybe best friends but we havent had no answer to that question

Who did Richie mccaw admire when he was 10?

Richie McCaw admired whoever he admired when he was 10!

Who is currently the top ranked IRB player in the world?

richie mccaw

Who are the past all blacks captains?

the current All Black captain is Richard 'Richie' McCaw'

Who is the captain of the allblacks 2009?

The current captain (2008) is Daniel Vettori.