Who is ipl precedent?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Q: Who is ipl precedent?
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Which team made the hihgest score in dlf ipl 2007?

IPL started in 2008.There was no IPL held in 2007. IPL season 1-2008 IPL season 2-2009 IPL season 3-2010 IPL season 4-2011

What two types of precedent are there in doctrine of precedent?

binding(mandatory) precedent persuasive precedent

What were the winning teams of all seasons in ipl?

IPL 1-Rajasthan Royals,IPL 2-Deccan Chargers,IPL 3- Chennai Super Kings, IPL 4- Chennai super kings, IPL 5- Kolkata Knight Riders, IPL 6-Mumbai Indians, IPL 7- Kolkata Knight riders

Who is the captain of IPL?

Mr Chirau Aameen is the IPL Chief and is responsible for launching th IPL..

Who makes ads of ipl?

IPL ads will be created by the sponsors of the IPL which has been conducted every year.

What are the negative effects of IPL on people?

this ipl disturbs the people who dont know or want to know about ipl.

What is important ipl match or election?

ipl match

Which team has won IPL 1 and 2and 3?

Rajasthan Royals (IPL 1)) Deccan Chargers (IPL 2) Chennai Super Kings (IPL 3)

An appeal to precedent is a type of?

an appeal to precedent is a type of an appeal to precedent is a type of

Why the name dlf ipl?

DLF was the sponser of the IPL for the seasons for three years hence the name was dlf Ipl

Is IPL hair removal suitable for people with albinism?

no ipl is hair removal all pepole like ipl

Who will ipl?

ipl wil win delhi daredevils 100%