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Any players from the team who's kick off it is. Generally it is just the two attackers.

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Q: Who is in the center circle for the kick off in soccer?
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How many players can be in the centre for a kick-off in soccer?

Eleven players are allowed to be in the center circle at the time of the kick-off. That is, all players of the kicking team are allowed to stand anywhere on their half of the field, including in the circle, if they choose. None of the defending team's players (the team NOT taking the initial kick) may be in the circle until the ball has been kicked and has moved forward.

Is the touch line where the play begins in soccer?

No. It is at the centre circle where play stars (kick off).

Where is he kickoff taken in a soccer game?

Kick-off refers to the first kick of the game which signals the start of the match. It is taken at the center of the field, at the Center Spot, usually by the 2 strikers of one team.

What time is kick off for soccer aid 2012?

19:30 is kick off

What is the big circle on a football pitch?

This circle is used so that other players on both teams (other than the 2 players in the centre doing the kick off) must stand at least 10 yards away from the centre spot where the ball starts off at the kick off. It is a circle so that it can easily be seen where 10 yards is, because 10 yards is the radius.

How do you start soccer game?

A soccer match is started with a kick-off.

How do you begin a game of soccer?

Kick Off

How do you start the soccer game?

You do a kick-off.

Which game begins with a kick off?


Is soccer kick-off a direct kick?

The kick off is neither direct nor indirect, they are three different restarts. A goal may be scored from a kick off.

In a soccer game during a kick off the defending team must be at least how many yards away?

The defending team must stay out of the centre circle.

In soccer when do you have a kick off?

Kick offs occur when each half start and after a goal is made.