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Via Wiki's World Cup Squads page on Germany:

1 GK Manuel Neuer27 March 1986 (aged 24) 5 Schalke 042 DF Marcell Jansen4 November 1985 (aged 24) 31 Hamburger SV3 DF Arne Friedrich29 May 1979 (aged 31) 72 Hertha BSC4 DF Dennis Aogo14 January 1987 (aged 23) 2 Hamburger SV5 DF Serdar Tasci24 April 1987 (aged 23) 12 VfB Stuttgart6 MF Sami Khedira4 April 1987 (aged 23) 5 VfB Stuttgart7 MF Bastian Schweinsteiger1 August 1984 (aged 25) 74 Bayern Munich8 MFMesut Özil15 October 1988 (aged 21) 10 Werder Bremen9 FW Stefan Kießling25 January 1984 (aged 26) 4 Bayer Leverkusen10 MF Lukas Podolski4 June 1985 (aged 25) 73 1. FC Köln11 FW Miroslav Klose9 June 1978 (aged 32) 96 Bayern Munich12 GK Tim Wiese17 December 1981 (aged 28) 2 Werder Bremen13 MF Thomas Müller13 September 1989 (aged 20) 2 Bayern Munich14 DF Holger Badstuber13 March 1989 (aged 21) 2 Bayern Munich15 MF Piotr Trochowski22 March 1984 (aged 26) 31 Hamburger SV16 DF Philipp Lahm (c)11 November 1983 (aged 26) 65 Bayern Munich17 DF Per Mertesacker29 September 1984 (aged 25) 62 Werder Bremen18 MF Toni Kroos4 January 1990 (aged 20) 4 Bayer Leverkusen19 FW Cacau27 March 1981 (aged 29) 8 VfB Stuttgart20 DF Jérôme Boateng3 September 1988 (aged 21) 5 Hamburger SV21 MF Marko Marin13 March 1989 (aged 21) 9 Werder Bremen22 GK Hans-Jörg Butt28 May 1974 (aged 36) 3 Bayern Munich23 FW Mario Gómez10 July 1985 (aged 24) 34 Bayern Munich

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Men's team

Maximilian Müller, Martin Häner, Oskar Deecke, Christopher Wesley, Moritz Fürste, Tobias Hauke, Jan-Philipp Rabente, Benjamin Weß, Timo Weß, Oliver Korn, Christopher Zeller, Max Weinhold, Matthias Witthaus, Florian Fuchs, Philipp Zeller, Thilo Stralkowski

Women's team

Yvonne Frank, Mandy Haase, Natascha Keller, Christina Schütze, Kristina Hillmann, Nina Hasselmann, Katharina Otte, Fanny Rinne, Lisa Hahn, Jennifer Plass, Marie Mavers, Maike Stöckel, Janne Müller-Wieland, Celine Wilde, Anke Brockmann, Julia Müller

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The captain of the 2010 Winter Olympic German hockey team captain is Marco Sturm of the Boston Bruins.

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Q: Who is in the German men and women's hockey team for the 2012 olympic games?
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