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Q: Who is in England's 2012 euro qulification group?
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How does Euro 2012 work?

Well there are firstly the group stages. Then the top 2 teams in their group go through to euro 2012. After this it is the knock-out stage, then the quarter finals, then the semi finals and then it is the final. And whoever wins the final wins euro 2012. :)

Where are Italy in the euro 2012 World Cup?

Yes, Italy are in group C of Euro 2012 and also participated in World Cup 2010.

Is norland in the euro 2012?

No, Norland did not qualify for EURO 2012.

When does Euro 2012 begin?

EURO 2012 begins on Friday, May 8th, 2012.

Where are the 2012 Euro chapionships?

the euro 2012 is hosted in Poland and Ukraine

Where can you watch euro 2012?

You can watch EURO 2012 on ESPN, ESPN3, and FSC.

How many teams go threw in the group stages of euro 2012?

Top two in each group. So 8 teams will go through

Who will win in Euro 2012 Spain or Italy?

Yes Spain won the Euro 2012

Which football team was drawn in group D for the Euro 2012 championships?

Ukraine (joint hosts) England Sweden France

Can you do Euro 2012 on FIFA 12?

No, you have to buy the Euro 2012 game, it can be bought in the PlayStation store.

What channel does the euro 2012 come on?

EURO 2012 will be on ESPN and FSC (fox soccer channel).

What is euro short for?

The Euro is the fullname of a currency, and so it is not short for anything. In other contexts Euro can be short for Europe, as in Euro 2012, a name for the European Soccer Championships in 2012.