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Green Bay because it is an odd Super Bowl year .

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Q: Who is home team for Super Bowl 45?
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Who is the home team in this tear Super Bowl?

There is no "home team" this year. Super Bowl 45 is being held at Cowboy's Stadium at Dallas, Texas.

Who will be home team in super bowl 45?

Green Bay Packers

Who is the home team for super bowl 45?

The Green Bay Packers.

How is a 'Home team' determined for the Super Bowl?

Home team is determined by the number of the Super Bowl and whether it is an odd number or an even number. If it is odd, the NFC team is the home team and, if it is even, the AFC team is the home team. Since the upcoming Super Bowl number (XLV/45) is odd, the NFC team will be the home team.

Who is home team in super bowl 45?

The NFC and AFC alternate every year for home team. This year it will be the NFC.

Who will be the home team in super bowl 45?

The Home Team will be the Greenbay Packers. Super Bowl 45 ends in a odd number. Odd numbers Home Team always goes to the NFC, hence even years goes to the AFC Team and the Home Team gets to choose what color Jersey they want to wear.

Who is the home team in super bowl 45?

The Green Bay Packers of the National Football Conference.

Which team attempted the most passes in super bowl 45?

The Steeler completed the most passes in Super Bowl 45.

Which team was penalized first in super bowl 45?


What team called the first time out in Super Bowl 45?


What team used the first coaches challenge of super bowl 45?


How many super bowls has aaron rogers won?

Aaron Rodgers has won 1 Super Bowl, Super Bowl 45. He was also Super Bowl 45 MVP.

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