Who is highest paid foot baller?

Updated: 12/13/2022
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Rajini Kant

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Q: Who is highest paid foot baller?
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Kobe Bryant i told you he was the highest paid baller boy yo boy dameyon Shepard

Who is the best foot baller?


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the ballad of hillsborough is about a poem and foot baller when they kiss!

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There are a lot of Italian footballer but my favorite one is Pirlo.

Who was the first Indian foot baller to receive Padmashri award?

Pradip Kumar Banerjee

In which stadium did Brazilian foot baller Cristiano Junior die?

Sree Kanteerava Stadium, Banglore

what kind of christian is Luis Suarez?

Luis Suarez is a Roman catholic professional foot-baller

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The World footballer of 2013 was Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal and Real Madrid.

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