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Sachin tendulkar

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Q: Who is having highest 100 in ODI Cricket?
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Which cricket stadium has the highest number of ODI's played?

Shajah cricket stadium in UAE

Who is the highest catch taker as a fielder in odi cricket?

rahul dravid

Who is the best cricketer in the whole world?

Sachin Tendulkar.. a complete cricketer. Having 44.83 average in odi... 54 average in tests and 200 international wicket 100 centuries ( Most in international cricket) 145 fifties ( Most in international cricket) Highest of 200( not out) in odi (first person to score 200 in odi) 18426 runs in odi (most runs in odi cricket) 15837* runs in tests ( most runs in tests match) 4062+ fours in a carrer ( far ahead of second best)

Who in cricket is called The cricket Master?

The cricket master is Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. He has hit 100 international centuries and has scored most runs in Test. He holds the 2nd highest individual score in ODI which is 200*.

What is the highest individual scorer in ODI Cricket?

219, scored by Virender Sehwag of India.

Who has scored highest centuries in odi cricket?

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar--46 centuries

Who is India's highest wicket taker in cricket?

Anil Kumble is the highest wicket taker for India in Tests and ODI.

Highest score of brian Lara?

400 in test cricket & 169 in ODI Also 501 not out in first class cricket.

Who is the highest wicket-taker in both Test and ODI Cricket?

Muthiah murlidaran from Sri lanka

Who is the highest scorer in odi cricket?

south africa 437-9 australia 434-5

How many ODI cricket matches has India won in which Sachin Tendulkar was the highest scorer?


What is Sachin Tendulkar's achievements in cricket?

I know only some of them.. 1)Highest Run getter in Tests 2)Highest run getter in ODI's 3) Highest score in ODI's (200* vs SA)

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