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More than million people live in Bangladesh

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Has resulted from China's extremely rapid development

China is about the same size in area as

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Q: Who is good in sports India or Pakistan?
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How was India and Pakistan separated?

India and Pakistan had a war.Before India and Pakistan were not called India and Pakistan it was called Hindu and Muslim than it became India and Pakistan

Can India beat Pakistan in world cup 2011?

There is a very good chance of India beating Pakistan,but it will be entertaing , more like a war.

Which country is better to visit India or Pakistan?

Both are good countries to visit. Both have much to offer. Lets have peace between India and Pakistan! If there was no line between Pakistan and India it would be a same country.

What is the biggest rivalry in sports?

India vs Pakistan is the biggest rivalry in in cricket and overall in sports over 300 million people watch these matches live

What sports are India good at?


What is the favorite sports in Pakistan?

Their favorite sport is probably Hockey and Cricket since they are all very good at these sports!

Which army is best India or Pakistan?

No army is good. Neither in India nor in Pakistan. They just EAT the budget of respective countries and deprive others from developmental benefits.

What are the two favorite sports in Pakistan?

Pakistan favo sports

What are Pakistan's relations with other nations?

pakistan have shared good relations to most of countries but have strained relationship with india..

Is India near Pakistan?

India and Pakistan border each other. India is in the south and Pakistan is on top of it

What is the relationship of Iran with Pakistan?

Pakistan's eastern neighbor Iran and the two countries with a good relationship. And soon a gas pipeline from Iran from Pakistan to India.

What countries did the church of England spread to?

pakistan, india, afraca, pakistan, india, afraca, pakistan, india, afraca,

Why US conspirating against Pakistan and helping terrorist of India and uzbick in Afghanistan to unstablise Pakistan?

Good question, no reasonable answer

Why does India bomb Pakistan?

India is not bombing Pakistan

Is Pakistan rich or India?

Pakistan is rich then India

Is Pakistan is India?

Pakistan and India are two separate countries. Pakistan only shares border with India on its eastern side.

What country is richer India or Pakistan?

Pakistan is more richer than India Pakistan is smartter than India too

Which city is known as the Sports city of Pakistan?

Sialkot is the sports city of Pakistan

What is the richest country India or Pakistan?

Pakistan is richer than India India is poor

Pakistan's relation with other countries?

Pakistan share good relation with most countries but have strained relation with India right from its independence

In which direction is India located from Pakistan?

India is southeast of Pakistan.

Is India to the north or south of Pakistan?

India is south of Pakistan.

Which is better Pakistan and India airforce?

Pakistan is better then India

Is Pakistan part of India?

Pakistan was never part of India, its a developing company and thousand times better country than India.

How many matches have Pakistan won from India?

there have been 124 matches played between Pakistan and India. Pakistan has won 71 matches while India has won 49 and 4 resulted in a tie. Pakistan has more wins both in Pakistan and in India