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Q: Who is going to win the titans vs patriots game?
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Who is going to win the patriots and ravens game?

Uh. Tom. Brady. 23. To. 20

Who will win Baltimore Ravens vs Tennesee Titans?

I think that the Tennssee Titans will win that game and will advance to the championship round.

Will the patriots win a playoff game?

They probably will win some in the future

Who do you think is going to win giants or patriots?

giants have to win. they won all the matches through. patriots might lose

Is the patriots going to win the super bowl?


The Patriots are going to win a Super Bowl?

Yes they willAnswerThey are going to win, most teams that are bad in the regular season get in the playoffs and then eventually win the super bowl. The Patriots are 8-4 but they are still going to winThanks

What was the score of yesterdays New England Patriots game?


Who is going to win the super bowl patriots or giants?


What is the win loss record of the patriots 2012?

The win loss record is 7-3 it is November 22 and it looks like its going be 8-3 after the game against the Jets tonight. Half time score is 35-3 Patriots.

What season did the Patriots only win 1 game in?


Is the patriots the best team?

The Patriots are the best team in the NFL because there going to cream the Ravens and there going to win the Super Bowl in 2013.

Did the patriots beat the colts in the playoffs game?

Yes, the Patriots beat the Colts in the division playoff game 43-22. They will face the winner of the Chargers/Broncos game in the AFC Championship game. If the Chargers win the game will be in New England. If the Broncos win, the Patriots will travel to Mile High Stadium.