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well no one can really say who is going to win but i hope butler can beat michagan state so maybe butler

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Q: Who is going to win the final four game butler or michagan state?
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What is Michigan State vs University of Michigan basketball record?

Michagan 100-0 michagan state 0-100 idk

Who was in the finals for the 2010 NCAA tournament?

Final: Butler & DukeFinal Four: Butler vs. Michigan State, West Virginia vs. Duke

What state in divided into 2 parts by a lake?


What is a couple of nick names for michagan?

The Mitten and the Wolveraine State

Who is the best basketball state?

Kentucky is clearly going to be the 2011 basketball champions because they're up against uconn, vcu and butler. they're going to win!!!!! they're going to be the best team!!!!! i don't see no Indiana in the final four !!!!!go big blue!!!!!!!!

Which final four team is from a state capital?

There have been a number of Final Four teams from state capitals, the most recent being Ohio State University (Columbus) in 2012 and Butler University (Indianapolis) in 2010 and 2011.

Which state borders minnasota and michagan?

Wisconsin borders Minnesota and the Michigan upper peninsula.

What basketball teams are in the final four?

Butler, West Virginia, Duke, and Michigan State

When did michagan become an official state?

Michigan was admitted into the Union on January 26, 1837 becoming the 26th state to join the Union.

Lake michagan divides this state into two sections?

Lake Michigan divides Michigan in 2 sections.

Why is Ohio State awesome?

They're not awesome, Alabama is!!! YE same wit michagan and indiana "hoosier daddy"

Has an NCAA basketball final 4 host school ever played in that Final 4?

Yes Kentucky in 1958 , UCLA in 1968, 1972 and 1975 , North Carolina State 1974 , Purdue in 1980 , Duke in 1994 , Michigan State in 2009 and Butler in 2010.