Who is going to win arsenal or man utd?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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arsenal are going to win 2-1

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no way

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Q: Who is going to win arsenal or man utd?
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Who is going to win preimeire league?

Chelsea because they are better than arsenal,man utd,tottenham,man city and every legue

How many times did arsenal win the fa cup?

they won 10 times but man utd won 11 times

Who is going to win the league man you or city?

City have the goal difference but have Newcastle if they win that then they are the champions but otherwise Man Utd will win it :)

What is the biggest win of Man Utd against Arsenal?

wins for arsenal against man utd october 23rd 1997 7-0 to arsenal against utd march 9th 1999 6-3 to arsenal April 12th 1999 6-1 to arsenal may 29th 2000 2-1 to arsenal November 9th 2001 2-0 to arsenal 16th December 2001 5-2 to arsenal 12th march 2002 6-1 to arsenal 18th April 2005 5-0 to arsenal

Who is going to win man city or man utd carling cup?

WikiAnswers cannot predict the future.

What team will win the English Premier League Cup this season?

Any one of Man Utd, Tottenham, Burnley and Derby. If you want me to pick, I'd say Man Utd. I'd say ever Man U, Arsenal, Chelsea or Liverpool

Who was Last English arsenal player to score against man utd?

The last english arsenal player to score again the Manchester United team was a man by the name of Murray Spencer who made an awesome header to win the game.

Will man city win the league?

Definitely, Ageuro is in form, likewise kompany and silva, it will go city chelsea utd arsenal tottenham everton liverpool

Who is better Liverpool or man utd?

man utd is more succesful they also win more games then them

Have Leeds utd won the fa cup?

No. Man Utd, blackburn, arsenal and Chelsea are the only teams ever to win the title.

Who is going to win 2009 champion league?

Barcalona or Man Utd but might be Man.U because they are a bit better

What team is going to win out of arsenal and man you on January 31?

WikiAnswers cannot predict the future.