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man united

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Q: Who is going to win Manchester united or Liverpool?
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How many Liverpool win the champion epl and how many Manchester united win?

Liverpool have won five Champion leagues and Manchester United have wn three.

Who will win the match between Manchester United and Liverpool?

Obviously Liverpool.

Did Manchester united win against Liverpool?


Who will win in the match Manchester United vs Liverpool?

It is soccer anyone can win May be Man United or Liverpool FC , or it may be draw also

Who's cup did Liverpool win in 1999?

Manchester united

Who is going to win beลŸiktash or manchester united?

Manchester United

Who is better Manchester United vs Liverpool?

United are way better...when last did Liverpool win a title? In the 80's...and look at this week's results, Liverpool got thumped by West Brom...Liverpool are going down..slowly but surely..they can't compete with clubs like United anymore

What is the biggest win of manchester united over Liverpool in the premier league?


Who has won most things between Manchester united and Liverpool?

Liverpool have won more cups then Manchester United . But that was eighteen years ago. In the Ian Rush ere. The next eighteen years have seen Liverpool win only one champion League.

When did Liverpool Football Club win the treble?

They haven't the only club to achieve this are Manchester united.

Who are the English teams to win the European cup?

Aston Villa, Nottingham Forest, Liverpool and Manchester United.

Who has won the premiership more times Liverpool or Manchester united?

Man Utd - they've won 11 titles; Liverpool have yet to win the Premier League.

Are Manchester United going to win thhe premier league?


Are Manchester United going to win 20 titles?


Are Manchester united going to win the league?


Who is the referee of Manchester united vs Liverpool?

The referee for man united against Liverpool is very likely to be Phil Dowd one of the most famous referees of all time and there is also a high chance that there will be a win with united

Can arsenal win the leage?

It is possible as the youngsters have talent, but Liverpool, Barcelona and Manchester United may be strong teams to beat.

Who's going to win UEFA Champions?

Manchester United of course!

Who will win on October 24 Man Utd or Liverpool?

Manchester united will win bk half time a streaker will come on the pitch and tea bag Gerrard

Will Aston Villa win the premier league?

They will not for a few years at least as Chelsea, arsenal , Manchester united and Liverpool are to strong now.

In last 200 meetings between Manchester United and Liverpool how many times did Liverpool has won and how many times did the Manchester United?

i truly have no idea but i think it would be close between them i mean man u would win all the games for three straight seasons and then Liverpool would win for three straight reasons something like that so it would be pretty close i think. =D

Aren't Liverpool better than Manchester united?

they probably are if you remember the 4-1 win at old trafford and dossena's brilliant goal

When did Ipswich beat Manchester United 6-0?

Ipswich and Manchester United have faced off on 56 competitive occasions since their first match in the FA Cup in the 1957-58 season, which Manchester United won 2 - 0. A 6 - 0 Ipswich home victory occurred during the 1979-80 season, on March 1, 1980 - which came four and a half months after a 1 - 0 Manchester United win earlier in the season. Manchester United finished the season in second place, two points behind Liverpool F.C., beating Liverpool at home four weeks before the season's end - though a 4 - 1 Liverpool victory coupled with a 2 - 0 Manchester United loss on the last day of the season meant that the title went Liverpool's way.

Who will win if Manchester United to play chealsea?

Manchester United.

How many premiership titles did Liverpool win?

Liverpool have won a total of 18 E.p.L cups a record, but Manchester will win its 18th E.P.L.cup this year.