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Of corse West Brom their the best team ever and they have already beaten them

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Q: Who is going to win Arsenal or West Brom?
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Who was the 1st team to win the FA cup?

The F.A cup is the oldest cup,the first winner was West Brom Albion.

Who is going to win arsenal or man utd?

arsenal are going to win 2-1

Who will win the 200809 premier league?

It has got to be fulham or west brom

Who did Nwankwo Kanu win a champions league medal with?

Ajax i think, He played for Ajax,Inter,Arsenal,West Brom,Portsmouth and won the European super cup, European cup, UEFA cup and the premiership.

Huddersdfield v arsenal who is going to win?

arsenal is the best in the champions leauge and premier leauge

How many games did west brom win in 0708?

23 wins. 12 at home and 11 away from home.

What years did barnsly win fa cup?

One win, in 1912 - 1-0 over West Brom in a replay after a 0-0 draw.

Who would win in a master fight Dumbledore vs Brom?

Dumbledore but I do have respect for brom

How many people support arsenal in the world?

everyone in the world support Arsenal. that's because they are going to win against Barcelona

Who will win the Carling Cup?

Arsenal are going to win because they have thrashed spurs 4-1 and Newcastle 4-0 so they will win.

What is arsenal's biggest ever win?

Arsenal's biggest ever win is Arsenal 12-0 Ashford United

Who will win arsenal or Barcelona?

i think that FC Barcelona will win arsenal because Barcelona is better than arsenal