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Q: Who is football coach at Fresno State?
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When was Fresno State Bulldogs football created?

Fresno State Bulldogs football was created in 1921.

What NCAA football conference is Fresno State in?

Fresno state is in the WAC

Who will be the next head Fresno state basketball coach?

Vance walberg

When was Fresno state last road game win in football?

Wisconson 2006

How can i find the 2006 football roster for Fresno university?

Click on the '2006 Fresno State Roster' link below to see the roster.

Who is the oldest coach in football?

Joe Paterno Penn State head coach

Who is the penn state football coach?

Coach Joe Paterno

What was the final score of Rutgers vs Fresno St football game of 9-1-08?

Fresno State 24, Rutgers 7

Who best punter in College football right now?

Robert Malone, Fresno State

Who was Coach for Arizona state football in 1991?

Larry Marmie. He was head coach of Arizona State from 1988-1991.

Who is the football coach for Louisiana state university?

Les Miles is currently the head coach for Louisiana State University.

What is the last name of State's football coach?