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Q: Who is father damian?
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Is Hector Rodriguez Damian Guerrero angel father history 2002?

who is the father of damian guerrero on the year of 2002

Who are Damian McGinty's parents?

his dad's name is damian Joseph guessing this is it cuz damian's full name is damian Joseph mcginty JR. so yeah, he wouldn't have JR. at the end of his name if his father doesnt have the same name.

Who is damian Marley?

Damian Marley is a Jamaican rapper just like his father Bob Marley

What religion is Damian Marley believe in?

He is the sam as his father witch it RASTAFARI!!

What did Father Damian Massanet accomplishment?

He stablished the first mission in Texas.

Who was Robin's father?

John Grayson is Dick Grayson's father. Referring to Damian Wayne who became Robin, naturally, Bruce is his father.

Who established the first east Texas mission?

Father Damian Massanet and someone.

Did the tollund man have family?

Yes , He had a mother called Marisa and his father was called Damian.

1 Who was voted the greatest Belgian of all time by the Belgians?

Father Damian ( 'pater Damiaan')

What mission did father Damian massenet established?

the first one who established Yokilazni the new country by Rome

What would be a good last name for a boy named Damian?

Damian Patrick. Damian Bulldoze. Damian Jr. Damian Lazaris.

What does damian mean?

Damian means 'to tame'