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Theo walcott was the fastest in the Nike ad o0ut of him Lennon and agbonlahor.

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theo walcott is a bit faster than bale and alex oxlade chamberlain and Cristiano Ronaldo and messi. but sometimes he loses his control

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Q: Who is fastest between aaron Lennon and theo walcott?
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Who is faster out of Aaron Lennon and Theo Walcott?

On a specifc course, half with the ball, half without. The three players reckoned to be the fastest in the prem, were clocked at: Aaron Lennon - 13.90 Gabby Agbonlahor - 14.06 Theo Walcott - 13.86 Lennon was clocked fastest without the ball and Agbonlahor was fastest with. Although it's not an accurate indication of outright speed, as the sprint section is only (approx) 25m. wrong way round: lennon got 6.53 secs to the ball agbonlahor got 6.49 secs to the ball walcott got 6.35 to the ball agbonlahor is fastest on the straights, just not as agile as walcott round the corners. agbonlahor clocked the highest top speed on this test, he got 21.1 mph to the ball and 20.8 with the ball walcott got 20.5 to the ball and 20.6 with it lennon got 20.6 to the ball and 19.6 with it

Who are the top 5 fastest in Fifa 12?

1.) Cristiano Ronaldo 2.) Lionel Messi 3.) Theo Walcott 4.)Aaron Lennon 5.)Arjen Robben

Who are the fastest footballers in the English Premier League?

It has recently been proven that Aaron Lennon (Spurs) is the fastest player in the Premier League. Due to the most recent speed tests which took place throughout the first month of this season (2011/12) it was proved that Aaron Lennon was the fastest but definatly not by far, as he was followed by Theo Walcott (Arsenal) and tied in third place were Gareth Bale (Spurs) and Ashley Young (Manchester United).

Who is the fastest football player in the English prem?

Aaron Lennon

Who Is faster Aaron Lennon c.ronaldo or messi?

C Ronaldo has the fastest speed out of messi and Lennon

Who is England football team squad number 7?

it was normally worn by david beckham now aaron lennon and theo walcott

What are some soccer players that play wing?

ronaldo, messi, quaresma, nani, jesus navas, aaron lennon, theo walcott (sometimes).

Who is the most handsome player in English premier league?

Everyone has their own preferences, but here are some opinions:It's Theo Walcott (Arsenal) followed by Aaron Lennon (Tottenham).

How fast can aaron lennon run 100 meters?

His fastest time was 10.2s

Who is taller aaron Lennon or ashavin?

Aaron Lennon from is taller then Arshavin.

Is Aaron Lennon Muslim?

No, Aaron Lennon is a Christian.

When was Aaron Lennon born?

Aaron Lennon was born on April 16, 1987.