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Q: Who is faster theo walcott or Usain Bolt?
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Related questions

Who is faster theo walcott or christiano ronaldo?

usain bolt

Is Cristiano ronaldo faster than theo walcott?

No, Walcott is considered as faster

Who is faster walcott or cronaldo?

I think it is theo walcott. by a slight margin.

Who is the fastest theo walcott or messi?

Theo Walcott

Is Gareth Bale faster than Theo Walcott?

theo walcott is a bit faster than bale and alex oxlade chamberlain and cristiano ronaldo and messi. but sometimes he loses his control

Is theo walcott a Muslim?

No Theo Walcott is a christian man.

Is theo walcott married?

No Theo Walcott is not yet married but he does have a girlfriend.

Theo walcott and abgbandahor who is the fasters?

dunno who abgbandahor is but if you mean gabriel agbonlahor then probably hes faster than walcott

Does theo walcott have any brothers?

Theo walcott has two brothers, Ashley walcott who is a chef in notts and rory walcott who is in prison

When was Theo Walcott born?

Theo Walcott was born on March 16, 1989.

What is Theo Walcott's full name?

His full name is Theo James Walcott

What is Theo Walcott's birthday?

Theo Walcott was born on March 16, 1989.

Who is theo walcott dating?

Theo Walcott is dating Melanie Slade - a model

Is walcott Muslim?

No Theo Walcott-is a christian.

Does Theo have any brothers?

Theo walcott has two brothers, Ashley walcott who is a chef in notts and rory walcott who is in prison

Is Theo Walcott related to Sir Clyde Walcott?


Who is the fastest footballer in the world?

Theo Walcott or Lionel messi it has not been proved but if you come across a question like this one of these answers will get you a mark or a point what ever.(the fastest man/athlete in the world is usain bolt!)

How fast is theo walcott?

theo walcott can run at 36km/h and run the 100m in 9.99

What position does Theo Walcott play?

Theo Walcott is a right winger mainly, but can play striker

How old is your favourite Arsenal player Theo Walcott?

Theo walcott is 20 years old.

Is theo walcott related to derek walcott?

does anyone know?

Is Theo Walcott Related to Jersey Joe Walcott?

No he's not

How old is Theo Walcott?

Theo Walcott is 28 years old (birthdate: March 16, 1989).

How long is theo walcott injured?

Theo Walcott injure long for 12days! He appear on weekend match.

What colour eyes and hair does theo walcott have?

You must remember that Theo Walcott grand father Clyde Walcott was from the West Indes and a black , so Theo will have black hair and black eyes.