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This is not a good comparison because Michael phelps is not a sprint swimmer.

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Q: Who is faster in a 25 yard race Michael Phelps in the water or Usain Bolt on land?
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Why does Michael Phelps swim?

His mom wanted him to be water safe

Michael Phelps Favorite Color?

blue da the color of water

How long can Michael Phelps hold his breath under water?

60 mints

What are Michael Phelps swimsuit made out of?

michael phelps suit is made of special fibre material that allows him to have a better penetration in water compared to other commonly seen suit.

Why Michael Phelps become an athlete?

His mom wanted his sisters and him to become water safe

How successful is Michael Phelps?

Michael Phelps is extremely successful. He is one of the biggest influences on upcoming swimmers and many swimmers look up to him. His body is built for speed in the water so he is the best there is.

What is Michael Phelps's favorite super hero?

Aquaman because he controls water. I hope this helps! :)

What year did Michael Phelps set the record in the Olympics?

The venue was called the Water Cube, and it was at the 2008 Olympics.

What is the arena in wich Olympian Michael Phelps made a world record of eight gold medals?

The Water Cube

Can you swim with shingles in a chlorine pool?

Absolutely! It's easy to beat them in a race too! They aren't exactly Michael Phelps in the water...

Example of fluid friction?

when michael phelps dives into a pool of water a force called fluid friction pulls him back slightly.

What were some childhood experiences of Michael Phelps?

Some childhood experiences of Michael Phelps include his initial fear of water and learning swimming when he was merely 7 years old. He was diagnosed with ADHD just as he was beginning to master swimming. Encouraged by his sisters, he learnt to swim. Swimming was also an outlet for his abundant energy.

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