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track runner. Usain Bolt should be the most striking example

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2011-01-28 23:54:44
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Q: Who is faster a soccer player or track runner?
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Who was a professional player in track and field?

Tyson Gay is one famous runner.

What do you do when you are a good runner but not a good soccer player and is playing soccer?

>>Abuse you extra fitness, mark a good opponent from the other team and try to not let them touch the ball at all, as the game goes on your fitness should make a differnce. Also keep practicing your soccer skills. Try Running Cross country, or track. and if you like soccer, then keep playing it, if not, then try other sports!

What sport is better track or soccer?


What is the fastest boy track runner?

Wesley Paul is the fastest boy runner

Who is Diane Lebon?

She is the BEST SISTER EVER!!!! and a fast track runner...(except for Kathi Whitfield) She is also very very very smart and a very very very good soccer player (better then Kathi Whitfield) as a friend i believe that she can one day (not soon) beat Kathi Whitfield.... -Mj- Diane is one of my best friend and let me tell you that when she dont like you she dont like you. i love this girl she is so cool. she is a fast track runner, a really good soccer player, and she could play any sports if she put the effort into it. Diane i love you so much!!!! <3 -Lizeth

Who was the first track and field runner?

It is unknown who the first runner is, seeing as track and field running have been around sense the caveman era.

How many years do you have to go to college to become a professional track runner?

you have to go to collage for 5 years if you want to be a professional track runner.

Is a track runner a physical job?


Who was Wilma Rudolf?

she was a famous track runner

What agility is required for a track runner?


Why is the fastest runner always in centre track?

The reason for this is that the person in center track can be seen by everyone in the lanes. it is thought that seeing a faster opponent running during the race will make you work harder and therefore perform better

What if you are good at running but not a good soccer player and you play soccer?

If you really like playing soccer, keep playing. Maybe try to improve and practice more if you think you're not good at it. However, if you just like running and not soccer, maybe join a track team. Track is pretty much only running, do you might like it.

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