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I think they are both very fast but in the long run I would have to give the edge to
Shane Victorino because when he was younger his parents often made him run sprints every day.

Times to First base- Shane Victorino 3.0 whereas Jimmy Rollins 3.2

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Q: Who is faster Shane victorino or jimmy rollins?
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Is Jose Reyes the fastest baseball player in MLB?

Reyes is good but Shane victorino is Better and is more beastly.But for all i care jimmy rollins; irhiro;carl crawford; orrrrrr JUAN PIERRE; buuuut...ANSWER: SHANE VICTORINO!!!!!!

Who is faster Jimmy Rollins or Jose Reyes?


What Philadelphia Phillies players hit grand slam home runs in 2009?

Ryan Howard has hit 3 Raul Ibanez Shane Victorino Jimmy Rollins Pedro Feliz Jayson Werth have each hit one.

What are the Phillies at bat songs for 2010 season?

Obvious one's would be Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley for Shane Victorino and Kazmir by Led Zeppelin for Chase Utley. Jimmy Rollins changes his songs just about every month.

Who are the top 5 players in Philadelphia Phillies history?

Steve Carlton was the best pitcher ever. Richie Ashburn also makes the cut. But it really all depends upon how biased you are. Chase Utley, Shane Victorino, Jimmy Rollins....they might make the cut. But like I said, depends how biased you are.

Name of players of the Phillies?

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What is the birth name of Jimmy Rollins?

Jimmy Rollins's birth name is James Calvin Rollins.

When was Jimmy Rollins born?

Jimmy Rollins was born on November 27, 1978.

What is Jimmy Rollins' birthday?

Jimmy Rollins was born on November 27, 1978.

What is Jimmy Rollins's birthday?

Jimmy Rollins was born on November 27, 1978.

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