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CARMICHAEL dude. Stewart is pretty good but Carmichael is so much higher up and advanced. Carmichael will always be the GOAT, and NO1, even Stewart, will ever be near as good as Carmichael. I mean i definatly give Stewart props on last season and an INSAIN comeback after that knee injury, but Carmichael still has every racer EVER toped in record wins. It was a HUGE 'Comp' loss to the sport but since Carmichaels retirment Stewart has Definatly dominated Outdoor Motocross '08 season and now hes done REALY well in the '09 super cross season. Stewart is one of the top riders at the moment, but like i said, Carmichael will always be THE G.O.A.T.

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Q: Who is faster James Stewart or Ricky Carmichael?
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Who is the best motox rider in the world?

james stewart or ricky carmichael

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I can think of two, Ricky Carmichael and Chad Reed, as a matter-of-fact, Ricky Carmichael lapped James Bubba Stewart in a race, RC has beaten JBS many times.

Who has won more races ricky carmichael or James Stewart?

i think that ricky carmchael has because he has been around longer

Whose faster Ricky Carmichael or Chad Reed?

Ricky Carmichael.

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I hope so in order to beat James Stewart!

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Ricky Carmichael goes by RC.

What is Ricky Carmichael's birthday?

Ricky Carmichael was born on November 27, 1979.

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Ricky Carmichael did not like home schooling. Ricky Carmichael did not like anything that took him away from Motocross racing when he was growing up.

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