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Devin Hester

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โˆ™ 2008-10-02 01:39:47
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Q: Who is faster Deangelo Hall or Devin Hester?
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Who is faster Devin Hester or DeAngelo Hall?

Devin Hester

Who is the fastest player in Madden?

Devin Hester= Speed 100 DeAngelo Hall= Speed 99

Who is the fastest player in Madden 09?

Devin Hester= Speed 100 DeAngelo Hall= Speed 99

Is Devin Hester in the hall of fame?


Top five fastest people in the NFL?

1) Larry Fitzgerald 2) Devin hester 3) Randy Moss 4) Santana Moss 5) DeAngelo Hall

Who are the fastest runners in the NFL?

Fabian Washington, Chris Johnson, DeAngelo Hall, Devin Hester, DeAngelo Williams, Jerome Mathis, Daunte Hall, Santana Moss, Sinorice Moss, Randy Moss, Adam "Pacman" Jones, Champ Bailey, Michael Bennett. There are so many.

Is Dante Hall or DeAngelo Hall faster?

DeAngelo has run a 4.2 second 40 off the line and would beat Dante.

What is the birth name of DeAngelo Hall?

DeAngelo Hall's birth name is DeAngelo Eugene Hall.

Who's faster Devin Hester or DeAngelo Hall?

DeAngelo Hall, a cornerback currently playing for the Atlanta Falcons, ran a 4.30 second 40 yard dash.Deion Sanders, ran a 4.23 there were rumors he ran a 4.19 after that.Randy Moss, a wide receiver currently playing for the New England Patriots, ran a 4.25 second 40 yard dash.[3] Moss currently holds the rookie TD reception record with 17 and the single-season TD reception record with 23.Devin Hester ran a disappointing 4.45 40 at the 2006 NFL Scouting Combine, but is now considered one of the best kick returners in NFL history and holds numerous return recordsby 40 times ran Hester is 15 hundredths slower than hall.

What position does DeAngelo Hall play?

DeAngelo Hall plays Cornerback for the Washington Redskins.

What NFL team does DeAngelo Hall play for?

DeAngelo Hall plays for the Washington Redskins.

What is DeAngelo Hall's number on the Washington Redskins?

DeAngelo Hall is number 23 on the Washington Redskins.

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