Who is enano?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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starting bench midget for James Madison soccer team. Also known as "Biff" =[*

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Q: Who is enano?
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What does enano mean in Spanish?

"Enano" is Spanish for "dwarf."

How do you say midget in spanish?


Como se dice enano en inlges?


What nicknames does Diego Buonanotte go by?

Diego Buonanotte goes by Enano.

How do you say in Spanish your tiny friend?

tu amigo pequeno, or tu amigo enano

What has the author Francisco Casavella written?

Francisco Casavella has written: 'El triunfo' 'Un Enano Espaol Se Suicida En Las Vegas'

What actors and actresses appeared in Humo - 2011?

The cast of Humo - 2011 includes: Marga Llano as Sara Manuel Pizarro as Basilio Enrique Villanueva as Enano

How do you say dwarf in spanish?

"Dwarf" in Spanish is "enano". It is pronounced "eh-NON-oh". Please see this site for confirmation of the translation:

What has the author Mario Mactas written?

Mario Mactas has written: 'El Enano Argentino' 'Monologos Rabiosos' 'El Amante De La Psicoanalista/ the Love of the Psychoanalyst'

What has the author Eduardo Liendo written?

Eduardo Liendo has written: 'Los topos' 'El mago de la cara de vidrio' 'Diario del enano' 'El cocodrilo rojo'

What common noun starts with e?

Some nouns that start with the letter E are:eareasteducationeggEgyptelephantelevatoremuengineenvelopeeraserevening

What movie and television projects has Antonio Llopis been in?

Antonio Llopis has: Performed in "Teatro de siempre" in 1966. Played Arthur in "Original" in 1974. Played Enano in "Escritores de hoy" in 1974. Played Camilo in "Manuel y Clemente" in 1986. Played Muerte in "Martes de carnaval" in 1991.