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Q: Who is eminem's favorite soccer player?
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Who is Cristiano favorite player?

Crisiano has told that Messi is his favorite player. He is a soccer player.

Who is Harry Styles' favorite soccer player?

He supports Manchester United. He likes Wayne Rooney.

Who is Eto's favorite soccer player?


Gifts for a soccer player?

A pair of new soccer shoes or their favorite soccer team jersey

Who is kebba sanneh's favorite soccer player?

Ronaldinho and his favorite club is Barcelona

What is marshall mathers favorite food?

eminems of cource

What is Eminems favorite video game?

Parappa the rapper

What is eminems favorite video game rated?

T for teen

Who is Kobe Bryant favorite soccer player?

Lionel Messi

What was eminems favorite tv show?

eminems favourite show is deal or not deal

Why would you like to be a soccer player?

I would like to be a soccer player because I will make money while playing my favorite sport. ?@.<tQQtav>.@?

What is your favorite song of eminems CD recovery?

#12 25 to life