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Q: Who is eminem's favorite football player?
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What is eminem favorite sport?

Eminems favorite sport is baseball because in a few of his songs he uses a baseball field

What is marshall mathers favorite food?

eminems of cource

What is Eminems favorite video game?

Parappa the rapper

What is eminems favorite video game rated?

T for teen

Who is LeBron's favorite football player?

your retared!!!!!!!

What was eminems favorite tv show?

eminems favourite show is deal or not deal

What is your favorite song of eminems CD recovery?

#12 25 to life

Who is America's favorite football player?

Peyton Manning

What was William shakespeares favorite football team?

William Shakespeare's favorite football team was the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. Shakespeare was a College Football player who was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

What is Micheal morpurgo's favorite football player?

tony graham

Who is lil Wayne's favorite football player?

Brett Favre

Who is the favorite football player in the world?

Lionel Andres Messi