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Q: Who is coach of jelena jankovic?
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Who is jelena jankovic coach?

ricardo sanchez

How tall is Jelena Jankovic?

Jelena Jankovic is 5' 9 1/2".

What nicknames does Jelena Jankovic go by?

Jelena Jankovic goes by Jelly, Jeca, and J.J..

Jelena Jankovic the top ranked women's tennis player was born where?

Jelena Jankovic was born in Belgrade, Serbia.

In what country was Jelena Jankovic born?

"Jelena Jankovic was born in Belgrade the capital and largest city in Serbia. She is the former professional tennis player. Although Jelena Jankovic is from Belgrade and studied there she resides in Dubai, UAE."

What were the last three tournaments Jelena Jankovic played in?

Jelena Jankovic is a Serbian tennis player. The last three tournaments Jelena Jankovic played in were: the 2013 Porsche Tennis Grand Prix, the Indian Wells, and the Australian Open.

Who is jelena jankovic's husband?

She's not married, but is dating a guy.

Celebrity with both initials j j?

Jelena Jankovic (SRB)

How many grand slam titles has jelena jankovic won?


Where does Jelena Jankovic live?

She currently resides in Bradenton, Florida USA

Who is first rank in tennis now?

rafeal nadal is no:1 in men and jelena jankovic is no:1 in women

Who are the semifinalists of the US Open Women's Singles in 2008?

The first semi final match was played between Dinara Safina and Serena Williams. Serena Williams won the match. The second semi final match was played between Elena Dementieva and Jelena Jankovic. Jelena Jankovic won the match.