Who is chief Scout at fulham fc?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Roger Cross its on

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Q: Who is chief Scout at fulham fc?
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Who is the Arsenal FC Chief Scout?

gilles grimandi

Who is chief Scout at burnley fc?

Chris Wrigh

What is Fulham FC full name?

Fulham Football Club

Does everybody love Fulham FC?


Who is Fulham fc's mascot?

Billy the Badger

What is Fulham FC's stadium called?

Craven Cottage

Who are QPR main rival?

Chelsea fc and Fulham

What football team does example support?

Fulham FC

Which year fulham fc relegated from epl?


Which English football team play home games at craven cottage?


How many English premier league teams play in the city of fulham?

2 Both fulham fc and Chelsea football club grounds are based in the borough of Fulham

Who is the Fulham fc top scorer?

Gordon Davies - 178 goals