Who is celtics most expensive player?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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I think it is Henrik Larson.

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Q: Who is celtics most expensive player?
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Which opposing player is most hated by Boston Celtics fans?

scalabrine is by far the most hated player on the celtics.

Which Celtics player has the most career points?

Larry bird

What player on the celtics weighs the least?

what player on the Celtics weigh the least

Most nba rings?

team celtics player Bill Russell

Who was the most popular player on the Boston Celtics last season?

The most popular player was Rajon Rondo. He is the guy to lead the Celtics to victory in the upcoming season. He is talented in several positions and has the support of the team.

Who is ac milans most expensive player?

A.c.Milans most expensive player is Ronoldhino.

Who has won the most NBA chapionships?

Team-Boston Celtics-17 Player-Wilt Chamberlain-11

What athlete has the most chamionships in their sport?

Bill Russell - 11, NBA player for the celtics

What player from bostoN celtics has most rings?

Bill Russel with eleven championship rings.

Who is Cardiff city's most expensive player?

whittingham is cardiffs most expensive

Who was Cambridge united's most expensive player?

The most expensive player bought was Steve Claridge from Luton in November 1992 for £190,000 and the most expensive player sold was Trevor Benjamin to Leicester in July 2000.

Who has the most NBA championships?

Player: Bill Russell with 11 Team: Boston Celtics with 17