Who is big evil undertaker?

Updated: 12/13/2022
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People say hes fake and that this is his real name Mark William Calaway he was born in 1965

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Q: Who is big evil undertaker?
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Did undertaker is deadman really?

he is not really a deadman its a nickname like big evil undertaker.....

Who wrote the Undertakers theme song?

I'm not 100% sure who sings Undertaker's "Big Evil" theme, but I do know that Undertaker's "Big Evil" theme is partially sung by none other than Kid Rock. However, I don't know who is singing with Kid Rock in Undertaker's "Big Evil" theme. Kid Rock sings Undertaker's American Bad A** theme. His Big Evil theme is performed by a band called Brand New Sin.

How did undertaker became so evil?

The Undertaker is not evil. He is a good person.

Is the undertaker going to cut his hair?

he already did on the 26th but I'm not sure if its as long as it was when he was big evil

Is Kane and undertaker evil?


Who won undertaker or big show?

the undertaker

Who won the casket match big show or the undertaker?


Who won the Punjabi prison match big show undertaker?

It was undertaker but he nearly let big show win because he broke the gate and the big show got out seconds after undertaker.

What was the year when in the Royal Rumble someone threw Undertaker out of a ring and then Undertaker beat him up?

2002 Royal Rumble, Maven eliminated The Undertaker with a dropkick, Undertaker (under the 'Big Evil' gimmick i believe) then re-entered the ring & beat MaVen until he was unable to compete. If i recall correctly - Maven was never officially eliminated, but was unable to compete. Ended up leading to Maven taking the hardcore title from The Undertaker.

Why did the undertaker kidnapped Stephanie McMahon?

To force her to marry him and be in evil side.

In WWE who comes with a bike in his entrance?

During the Undertaker's "Big Evil" stage, he entered the arena on a Harley Davidson. He does not do this anymore, and no WWE superstar enters the ring this way anymore.

Was Undertaker at WWE Unforgiven 2008?

The Undertaker was at Unforgiven and was destroyed by The Big Show.