Who is bettter Ajax or psv?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Ajax has a better history, but in the presence:

Psv has been dominating the ''Eredivisie'' for the last decate.

I live in the Netherlands myself and every year the competition ends up in a battle between Ajax and Psv.

The best answer here, is your own.

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Q: Who is bettter Ajax or psv?
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What footballer played for Ajax PSV Barcelona and feyenoord?

Ronald Koeman

Transfered from fc groningen to Ajax to psv to Barcelona to feyenoord?

Ronald Koeman

Which player played for psv feyenoord Ajax?

Ronald Koeman

Which player played for fc groningen Ajax psv Barcelona feyenoord?

Ronald koeman

Five players that played with four clubs that won the champions league?

Dean Saunders (Liverpool, Aston Villa, Nottingham Forest, Benfica) Clarence Seedorf (Ajax, Real Madrid, Inter, AC Milan) Jaap Stam (PSV, Man Utd, AC Milan, Ajax) Patrick Kluivert (Ajax, AC Milan, Barcelona, PSV)

What are the name of netherland foot team?

National football team : KNVB Other teams : Ajax Feyenoord PSV Roda etc

What football players have played for 5 out of Real Madrid Aston Villa Nottingham Forest Barcelona Inter Milan Man United Liverpool Benfica Ajax PSV Juventus Hamburg Bayern Munich Celtic?

Ronaldo (PSV, Barcelona, Inter, Real, AC Milan) Davids (Ajax, AC Milan, Juventus, Barcelona, Inter)

What team won the Dutch football league in 1998?

The team that won the Dutch football league in 1998 was Ajax.

Have Ajax Amsterdam ever been relegated?

Ajax have never been relegated from the Dutch Eredivisie - one of three teams for whom this is true since the league's foundation in 1956 - the other two being Feijenoord and PSV.

Who played for FC Groningen Ajax PSV Barcelona and Feyenoord?

He was the famous dutch defender Roald Koeman , he was a free kick specialist . And won Barcelona their first champion league cup in 1994.

Who transferred from FC Gronigen to Ajax to PSV?

Ronald Koeman1980 - 19831983 - 19861986 - 19891989 - 19951995 - 1997FC GroningenAjaxPSVFC BarcelonaFeyenoord89 (33)94 (23)98 (41)192 (67)60 (19)

Five football players with 5 champion league clubs?

Ronaldo- PSV, Barcalona, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, AC Milan. Edgar Davids- inter Milan, juventus, ac milan, barcalona, ajax.