Who is better wolves or west brom?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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== == This question calls for an opinion, do not blank previous answers, add your own by all means == == wolves r the best no question. Look at the squads ours got us promotion, yours got you relegated!

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Q: Who is better wolves or west brom?
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Who are better Sunderland or West Bromwich Albion?

West Brom is better as of 2014.

Who was manager at wolves west brom and Aston villa?

Ron Atkinson and he is now director of football at halesowen town

Who is better West Bromwich Albion or Stoke City?

Stoke City, they even have a chant that goes 'we always beat West Brom'.

Are West Brom Good?


Who is going to win Arsenal or West Brom?

Of corse West Brom their the best team ever and they have already beaten them

Most relagated team from premiership?

West brom but the teams that will get relegated in 2011 will be west ham wolves and sadly blackpool

Why do west brom fans call wolves fans dingles?

They are called dingles after the dingle family in English soap show emerdale .......they are the scruffy poor hated family in the show much like wolves fans haha

Are west brom good at football?


What is wolverhamptons rivals?

west brom

Wolves derby everton man utd stoke villa Preston west brom and blackburn which team is the odd one out and why?

IT is derby county or the rams , as they are playing in the second tiere.

What stadium do west brom play?

The Hawthorns.

Who penalty taker west brom?

Graham Dorrans