Who is better, Stephen Curry or Michael Jordan?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Jenifer Carter

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3y ago

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Stephen Curry.

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Adrianna Wiegand

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2y ago
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Jack Waddell

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1y ago

Micheal Jordon by far

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Q: Who is better, Stephen Curry or Michael Jordan?
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Is Michael Jordan or Stephen curry better?

Stephen Curry.

Who is better Michael Jordan or stphen curry?

Stephen Curry is the best draft pick and he is a starter

Is Stephen Curry going to shoot better than Michael Jordan?

We cannot make predictions. Time will tell.

Who is better Stephen curry or James harden?

James harden is way better than Stephen curry

Is Stephen curry black?

50/50 black and white "Black or White" by Michael Jackson!!!!!

Who better Russell Westbrook or Stephen curry?

Russell Westbrook is way better Curry sucks

Who is better Ray Allen or Stephen curry?

Stephen curry. Stephen curry has more range and really good at 3 and 1s. Although Ralu Allen has more buzzer beaters stepjhen curry is just more better at pull ups and shooting off the dribble. I say it's steph curry.

Is Stephen Curry better than Lebron?

yes he is

Is James better than Stephen Curry?

yes he is

Is Lebron James better than Stephen Curry?

yes he is

Who is better Stephen curry or Kobe Bryant?

Now, you should ask yourself, "why do people even consider Curry better than Rose." Stephen Curry has nothing on Derrick Rose, because Rose took his team (who has been in the playoffs ever since Rose came to the team, or was it the second year) as far as the conference finals. Tthe Warriors (who got to the playoffs for the first time since 2007) went as far as the Spurs, whom they couldn't knock off. Curry can shoot way better, but Rose has a better strategic ball game. Rose can be compared to Jordan, Curry can be compared to McGrady. They are both amazing players in the NBA, but one has to better than the other, in my opinion, Rose is a far better player than Curry. Stepehen has about 2 or 3 more seasons to get to Rose's level when he first got injured in the playoffs.

What did STEPHEN curry do to make the world a better place?

He played basketball