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HAHA ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! Rondo is by far the player, Kobe is over rated while Rondo is under rated. No super star such as Kobe is going to be ranked 73 with free throws you just cant miss those, yet Rondo is going to be amazing when he gets older I'm no Celtics fan but i think Rondo was only a rookie 2 years ago Kobe is 28. Watching Rondo is almost the same as watching Pete Maravich just watching him play is so much fun. Kobe just well lets face it did u see Kobe last year in the NBA Finals not very good on Kobe's part and yet he still got MVP OVER RATED first off the only reason he got it was because he won so yeah Rondo is much better.

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Q: Who is better ronjon rondo or Kobe Bryant?
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