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Jerry Rice

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Q: Who is better randy moss or Jerry rice?
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What are the release dates for Up Close Primetime - 1991 Randy Moss and Jerry Rice?

Up Close Primetime - 1991 Randy Moss and Jerry Rice was released on: USA: 10 November 1998

Is Randy Moss the best WR in the NFL?

no jerry rice can tap dance all over his dumb a$$

Did Randy Moss and Jerry Rice play on the same year?

They played in the same years for 6 years.

How many interceptions did Jerry rice have?

DUDE how do you not know what position jerry rice played dud they compared with randy moss forever and u say interception he is a WR

What Receivers have most receptions?

Jerry Rice, Marvin Harrison, Chris Carter, then probably T.O., Randy Moss.

Most receving td in NFL history?

In one season... Randy Moss (23). In a career... Jerry Rice (197)

Does Jerry Rice have all the reciveing records?

No because randy moss broke his record with touchdown catches in a season with 23

Most receiving touchdowns in a year?

randy moss w/ 23 in the 2007/2008 season he broke jerry rice's record of 22. jerry rice did it in only 12 games though.

What is a receiver in football?

a person who goes out for a pass and is always out on the far left or far right like randy moss and jerry rice

Who is the top 5 receivers in the nfl that has the most receving yards in a single game?

terrel Owens randy moss jerry rice

Who is the best wr?

1.Randy Moss 2.Andre Johnson 3.Larry Fitzjarald 4.Brandon Marshall 5.Jerry Rice

Who is better Tom Brady and randy moss or Tony Romo and terrell Owens?

tom brady and randy moss because terrell Owens had his best year 2007 15 tds, but randy moss the real 81# had 23tds in 2007 that beat jerry rice's tds record at 22tds tom brady tha year had his best year for tds with 50 but i don't now romos td record

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