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Most Chelsea fans would definitely say Lampard.

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โˆ™ 2009-04-18 11:03:53
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Q: Who is better in football between lampard and deco?
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Is deco better than lampard?

1bilion time better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Deco has much better technique, holds the ball very well, and has better vsion. Lampard has better reaction and sense of positioning, althought, he is efficient. But efficient equals boring person to watch!!!!!!!

Is c.ronaldo better or deco?

Ronaldo is way better than Deco.

What nickname has been given to Deco for the way he controls a football game?

"Magico" and "SuperDeco"

In art deco what is eames era?

The Eames era is between 1950-1960. Art Deco had its heyday in the 1930's.

When was Deco Vs. Deco created?

Deco Vs. Deco was created on 2008-03-19.

What nicknames does Deco Filho go by?

Deco Filho goes by Deco.

How tall is Deco?

Deco is 176 cm.

Who is better Cristiano Ronaldo or deco?

Well Cristiano Ronaldo won fifa world player of the year in 2008 and Deco has never won it or been called the worlds best player.

What is the name of the Portuguese consumer protection agency DECO?


When was Deco born?

Deco was born on August 27, 1977.

What is Deco's birthday?

Deco was born on August 27, 1977.

When was Gravy Deco created?

Gravy Deco was created in 1995.

How tall is Deco Filho?

Deco Filho is 178 cm.

How tall is Michelle Deco?

Michelle Deco is 5' 3".

When was art deco around?

The art deco movement was most prominent in the 1920s and 30s. In the so-called Interbellum between the mid-1920s until the beginning of WW II.

What is the difference between art nouveau and art deco?

In contrast to Art Nouveau's organic, plant like curves, Art Deco motifs were based on symmetry, repetition, and geometric shapes.

Is Deco Portuguese or Brazilian?

Anderson Luis de Souza [b. August 27, 1977] was born in Sao Bernardo do Campo. His mother's side of the family is of Japanese descent, his father's of Portuguese. But Deco is considered a Brazilian-born professional footballer who plays for the English club Chelsea, but internationally for Portugal. In addition to birth in Brazil, Deco began his sports career in South America's largest country. At the National Athletic Club, in Sao Paulo, Deco came to the attention of Corinthians. Corinthians signed him on, but then decided a better match would be Corinthians Alagoano. And so, at the age of 19, Deco relocated to Portugal, in 1997. And that was the beginning of his football career in Europe.

How do you spell decko?

As used in architecture, this would be "deco" as in "art deco", a style.

What rhymes with deco?

If you mean Deco as in Deh-Ko. Gecko would rhyme with it.

When was DECO Online created?

DECO Online was created on 2005-11-01.

When was Deco Zgur born?

Deco Zgur was born on January 15, 1938.

What are the art deco colors?

Art Deco colors were bold, bright, often metallic in finish. Black and white was also a popular colour scheme. You can find some greast info about Art Deco Colours here:

What is Deco Tape?

the deco in deco tape means decorative. It is a cute kawaii item that is very small, and comes in a wide variety of designs. Deco tape is used for putting decoration to make something colorful. Deco tape usually pops out alot on other items. You can get deco tape for 50 cents on www.ilovesquishies.weebly.comin the saniotary section I beleive.

How old is Deco?

Deco is 34 years old (birthdate: August 27, 1977).

What makes something art deco?

research the term art deco they might give you an answer