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Italy are slightly better

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Q: Who is better at soccer Italy or England?
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When was soccer invented in Italy?

soccer was not invented in Italy it was invented in England

What soccer team is better Germany or Italy?


Which team is better Italy or Argentina in soccer?

It is Italy.

Who is better at soccer Australia or England?


Who is better Brazil or Italy in soccer?

Brazil by far.

Are Greece better than Italy in soccer?


Is soccer most popular in England?

No, soccer is most popular in Italy. Italy's the one who started to sport itself. soccer is not the most popular sport. Association football is the most popular. the most popular sport in England.

How is New Zealand soccer different to England soccer?

england teams pay more and are way better

How did soccer become popular in Italy?

it was better than football

What countries are known for soccer?

England where it began, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Spain.

What countries are really strong about soccer?

Italy, Spain, England... most of Europe

Is Portugal better then Italy at soccer?

Portugal is a much stronger team

Who is better England or Italy?

Italy because they have won more world cups :)

Which countries have professional soccer leagues?

England, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, USA

Were in the world is soccer most populare?

Europe. Spain England Italy Argentina Brazil.

How many times has Italy played England in soccer?

They have played each other 34 times and it is called football not 'soccer' thank you.

Which soccer team is better England or Argentina?

historically speaking - Argentina, currently speaking - England

List of team that have won the soccer world cup?

uruguay, italy, brazil, england, argentina, west germany, uruguay, italy, brazil, england, argentina, west germany,

How is soccer is better than hockey?

Its not. Soccer is just bigger in other countries and more countries like Italy or the UK.

Best things to do in Italy?

go out to eat or play soccer and better yet have fun

Did England get better at soccer?

Yes England went much better at soccor because engand made it to the quator finals in the eauropeon league

What soccer team is the easiest to beat?


What country started the soccer?

Some say Italy cuz they used to do a sport called Calcio that was like soccer but other say England ?.... .. .. .. 4gottensoul....

Is the national soccer team of England good?

no , Germany is better and Spain is the best

When do soccer arrive in England?

Soccer originated in England.