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Q: Who is better at football German or France?
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Is lyon a German football teem?

No actually Lyon is not a German club, it is a top club in France.

What is German name for France?

The German name for France is "Frankreich"The German word for France is Frankreich.

What is the German name for France?

France is Frankreich in German.

Does Canada play German football?

Yes they do play German football.

How do you spell France in German?

France = "Frankreich" is spelled in German

When was German Football Association created?

German Football Association was created in 1900.

Do they have American Football you France?

Yes there is American Football in France.

Does Paris France have a soccer team?

It is called Paris Saint German. Also better known as P.S.G.

Was Rudolf Diesel French?

He was born in France but was of German nationality.He was born in France but was of German nationality.

When did Northern German football championship end?

Northern German football championship ended in 1933.

When was Northern German football championship created?

Northern German football championship was created in 1906.

When was Western German football championship created?

Western German football championship was created in 1903.